About Us

Soteria Risk, LLC is a technology based consulting firm focused on Enterprise Risk Management.  We develop customized portal solutions that allow pro-active organizations to build an end-to-end system designed around the organization's ERM needs.  We have assembled a very talented group of experienced practitioners to help our clients build and maintain an ERM program that overcomes the common hurdles to effectively implementing a system that also addresses regulatory and rating agency concerns in your business environment.  Our proprietary system allows our clients to manage enterprise risk, transfer and risk mitigation all in one, easy to use subscription based tool.   

Technology Focused

Soteria Risk has a next generation solution for Enterprise Risk Management, a cloud-based SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) portal that assists an organization with the management of all critical aspects of an Enterprise Risk Management program, to include risk transfer, risk mitigation and risk avoidance.  Soteria Risk provides organizations with a custom designed technology-based consulting solution that helps them effectively identify, assess, manage and mitigate risks, while providing enterprise-wide visibility, oversight and risk ownership.

ERM Consulting

The primary mission of the consulting and training services provided by Soteria Risk is to implement the ERMView system for a client.  In the course of that work, we assist clients in identifying critical areas for improvement in their Enterprise Risk Management program.  When specialized consulting needs are identified, Soteria Risk or a member(s) of the Expert Council will be able to provide the expert guidance necessary to improve that area. We segment our consulting services in a similar way in which ERMView is constructed.

How We Are Different?

In contrast to the complexity of other types of ERM and GRC technologies available, our goal is to design a highly configurable platform for the sole function of Enterprise Risk Management and related activities.

Soteria Risk's out-of-the-box solutions are designed to be deployed for use 90 days or less.  We work very closely with our customers throughout the implementation cycle and place great emphasis on helping customers not only with the tool itself, but in helping them understand the value and efficiency of this communication and collaboration tool.

*Please discuss your specific needs with us.  It is very likely that Soteria Risk and its Expert Council can provide the consulting solutions needed.


SOTERIA (Sôtêria), the personification of safety or recovery was worshipped as a divinity in Greece, and had a Temple and a statue at Patrae, Greece. Soteria is depicted as a woman wearing a laurel wreath crown, a symbol of victory. The only remaining image of Soteria is a floor mosaic in Turkey.